One thought about practise on an extremely windy day/風が強い日に練習について考えた。









What makes me feel good/気分が良くなるもの

Sunny morning in London, empty stomach, dance, chatting with my sis, good camomile tea., taking a nap, playing the violin in tune, watching Fred Astaire, messages from my best friends 


Self conciousness/ 自意識のあるところ

I was never allowed to express my desire. Because I was not talented enough, I was not beautiful enough, it was too eccentric.

I just didn’t allow myself to do so.



Freedom I had/自由だったとき。

When I started playing the violin, I was 7. I was asking my mom to tune, tighten the bow, and put rosin on it so I could start playing immediately. Ten times a day. Or 15 times a day.

I was a good student, but I always forgot to be when on stage. I tend to forget to save bow for some small notes because long notes always sounded beautiful to me and used too much for them. And I start from the beginning as if nothing happen.

This is what I was allowed to have…

This is what I am still allowed to have… I suppose…

I take my violin and bow without any preparation. It feels so uncomfortable I would put some rosin on the bow. Or without. As you like.

I spend two full bows for one note, instead of one. That’s not what I was supposed to do, but who knows? Is that what I decided to do a month ago? Who cares?

Freedom, which I have always had.


You are happy if I am happy./私が幸せならあなたも幸せ。

You are happy because I am happy. I am happy because I am happy. Everybody around me is happy because I am happy.



Your Biggest Desire/本当の望み。

True desire comes with the biggest hesitation.what you are willing to do right away is not what you really want to turn into reality.